Top Construction Equipment rentals

By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment

top construction equipment rentals

Building a new house or business can take some construction equipment rentals to complete the job. The top 5 Equipment rentals will include items for removing dirt and leveling the ground. This is the first thing people will need to consider when building a new house or business on un-clean land. A backhoe rental can help insure clean removal of dirt and debris. Backhoes can give the builder the speed and ability to lift and remove up to 2400 lbs. of dirt or debris at a time. They come in 2-wheel drive and four-wheel drive varieties for optimal removal. The extend hoe will help the person doing the digging with an increase in reach ability and depth when digging up hard dirt. Average reach is 17 feet. There are varieties of bucket sizes available to meet the need of the user. The backhoe is easy to use and does not take much training. Top Construction Equipment Rentals.


A crane is one of the construction equipment rentals that offers the builder the opportunity for many uses. They are easy to operate and offer the ability to turn in tight spaces such as between trees and undergrowth. The crane is a great addition to the job site because it lifts many items of different weights that will save the workers time and energy. The crane has a precise operation making it easy to lift and move things such as heavy lumber, cement bags, and other equipment. The crane arm will lift and lower to clear undergrowth, tree limbs and other vehicles that may be on the lot. A crane can be very versatile and a great piece of heavy equipment that is worth the rental.


Generators give the builders the ability to use electricity on the land. These generators are portable and reliable. Most use diesel fuel and offer hours of power to enable use of electric tools.

concrete mixers

Concrete mixers provide the builder with a smooth, clean mix of concrete for building walls and laying foundations. The concrete mixer can convert to a wheelbarrow to transport the mix to locations instead of carrying buckets.

air compressors

Air compressors and air tools are necessary for jobs such as removing excess cement, drilling, and nailing. The compressor offers a diesel power engine that can be used in areas without electricity. The air compressor will help save time and energy when building a new home or business.

Heavy construction equipment rentals can be an asset to any clearing of land or carrying the equipment in the San Diego area. The San Diego area offers prime locations for building near the bay or in the flat lands. The beautiful areas close to the bay give new homeowners the ability to walk the boardwalk and to sample new and exotic foods. Beautiful San Diego has the combination of nightlife, shopping, and museums to entice anyone to move to the city. San Diego equipment rentals can take care of any heavy equipment needs you may have.