The History Of Bucket Truck Construction Equipment

By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment

The History Of Bucket Truck Construction Equipment

Its use has broadened over the century, but when it first came around the bucket truck was called a “cherry picker” and used for tasks suitable for such a name. Used to aid in the harvesting of fruits in orchards, the cherry picker began replacing the then conventional method of using ladders. The History of Bucket Truck Construction Equipment. This change was accompanied by great advantages, including quicker harvests and increased safety for workers. Also, with meticulous control, the platforms of cherry pickers could be positioned conveniently near a tree without having to touch it; this feature removed the risk of damage that ladders had presented to the trees.

Bucket trucks have a unique feature that makes them great for any height-related task. This feature—which simplifies jobs that are difficult to perform due to height—is an adjustable platform that provides a safe work area to those standing upon it. Because of this great feature, these vehicles have been adapted for use in many specialties, including exterior painting and window washing, the servicing of utility poles, firefighting, and construction. Depending on the industry using them, the platforms may be insulated against electricity. Regarding construction and utility pole servicing, this insulation against electricity is an outstanding convenience bundled with the already convenient adjustable platform, both of which helped revolutionize the industries. Another safety feature that has been developed is increased support for the platform that gives it more stability during operation.

Bucket trucks have come a long way since their orchard origins of being cherry pickers. As they continue to evolve and gain new features, they become the prominent solution for any construction equipment job that may contain the risk of height. The vehicle comes in a variety of types so that a person can find the right one needed for a specific job. Instead of purchasing the vehicle for a job, it may be more beneficial to opt for renting one; they are available for rent from most construction equipment rental companies. Obtaining one via this method—construction equipment rental—will ensure the fairest price needed to obtain it and get any height-related job done safely and efficiently.