By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment


Rental construction equipment provides easy access to all kinds of equipment. Have a big job in a small space? Look no further than a skidsteer loader for your needs, readily available as construction equipment rentals.

Often referred to by the brand name Bobcat, skid-steer loaders are light, agile vehicles which can handle many of the jobs done by front end loaders and excavators but with smaller loads and in tighter spaces. The first skid-steer loader was a three-wheeled vehicle that had a rear caster wheel allowing it to make tight turns. Over the years many improvements have been made, such as making it a four-wheeled and tread vehicle to improve stability.

The standard configuration for this vehicle includes a bucket at the front but there are an endless variety of attachments for almost every job imaginable: from mowers and snow blowers to grinders, trenchers, chippers, and even cement mixer.

The loader arm is commonly hinged on the rear and allows the bucket to swing in an arc over the cab. For dumping in another location on the site this works, but for dumping into a loader, a different loader arm was required. By adjusting the loader arm with multiple hinges and parallel lifting bars, an extended reach that lifts the material vertically while keeping it in front of the cab allows the operator to dump into a container or other vehicle without dumping on the cab.

The building industry makes good use of this machine as it eases the job of clearing out the space for the pool or basement by digging from the inside out. The skid-steer loader creates a ramp and then clears the material out making the hole. For smaller construction companies or general contractors, this is often the only piece of equipment they invest in.

This kind of versatility demonstrates why the skid-steer loader is one of the most popular pieces of rental construction equipment. Yet another reason why construction equipment rentals make sense for the small contractor or DIY homeowner for getting the vehicles they need for the job without the cost of buying and maintaining them.