Ready Mix Concrete San Diego

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Ready Mix Concrete San Diego

Get the best ready mix concrete in San Diego from El Camino Rentals. Get your slurry and properly textured concrete for your project. Ready Mix Concrete San Diego

Concrete is a very versatile and strong material that can be used in all types of applications. Ask us about how much and what kind of mixture is needed for your project.
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Concrete is a very versatile substance that can be used in a range of different projects. Ready mix concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. A typical mixture is about ten to fifteen percent cement, sixty to seventy-five percent aggregates and the remainder water. Concrete has different strengths which is dependent of the ratio of water in the mix.

Agregates are usually fine and coarse inert materials such as washed sand and gravel. Aggregate materials may not contain any organic matter in order to keep a quality mix.

Slump Test.

A concrete slump test is created to help measure how well the concrete will flow and fill an area. Creating a bond with the rebar is also very important.

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