Questions To Ask When Renting Excavators

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equiment

Questions To Ask When Renting Excavators

Questions to Ask When Renting Excavators

Anyone who wants to rent an excavator needs to know which size is most suited for his or her particular situation. A 14- and 15-foot digging machine may be just right for most applications, meeting the need of over 80 percent of the market, whereas the 16- and 17-foot digging depth meets only 13 percent of the market. Thus, it is important to know what you are looking for when renting excavators equipment.

Because specifications are critical in defining an excavator’s abilities, one might ask if the unit has a coupler, or if he or she can operate the machine with familiar controls. Another crucial question is about the weight. This aspect is important in matching the machine’s capabilities to its application. A customer may be looking for performance with loading and digging capabilities, as well as versatility of use or ease of operation with simple and familiar controls. A customer may also want to know if the excavator provides good visibility, with no blind spots or problem areas and if the unit accepts other attachments to do various other jobs.

One should insure that the excavator he or she is renting is a safe unit that is operator friendly. Safety should rank highest in considering any purchase. Each unit should come with operation manuals and safety videos, tie downs for hauling, flashers/beacons, and a moving emblem. Specific concerns can deal with extra braking, backing up on steep slopes or using stabilizers for extra leveling or height.