How To Pick The Right Forklift For Your Job

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equipment, How to

How To Pick The Right Forklift For Your Job

Forklifts are specialized pieces of equipment designed to lift and move materials like lumber or loaded pallets. -How to Pick the Right Forklift for Your Job- They range from unpowered handcarts to full diesel-powered, counterbalanced machines with tilting masts. While these machines are staples in warehouses and big construction crews, the rest of us will only occasionally need one. Make sure you get the right machine by answering the following three questions about your particular job before you head out to your neighborhood construction equipment rental company.

How heavy is your load and how high do you have to lift it?

Different forklifts have different weight capacities, so know as accurately as possible what your heaviest load will be. Also, a machine that can lift six thousand pounds three feet in the air may not be able to safely lift that same weight seven feet in the air; measure your highest lift as accurately as you can. Then make sure the machine you rent can safely handle this combination.

How is your material packaged?

Different kinds of loads may require different kinds of attachments. You might need straps to secure a load or a scale if you need to weigh each load. If you want to pick up, move and then dump containers of loose material like gravel, you will need a rotator. You may need a different set-up if your load sits directly on the ground rather than sitting on pallets. Once you understand the special needs of your job, contact your construction equipment rental company to make sure they have the attachments you require.

Where will you be using the forklift?

Some kinds of forklifts are much more maneuverable than others; if you are working in a very tight space, like in the close-packed aisles of a warehouse, you need to consider how well a machine turns and backs up. Outdoor jobs like construction or landscaping require forklifts with heavy-duty pneumatic tires. Diesel machines are great outside, but their fumes can be overpowering in a small enclosed space. Know all the variables of your particular job site and you can pick exactly the kind of machine you need.

Forklifts are versatile tools that can eliminate some of the slow, backbreaking drudgery of a job, but you have to know exactly what forklift is right for you. Renting the wrong one is expensive, time-consuming and possibly even dangerous. So use the questions above to guide you to the perfect forklift for your next job.

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