How To Operate A Jackhammer Safely

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equiment

How To Operate A Jackhammer Safely

How to Operate a Jackhammer Safely

When people consider busting up their driveway or walkway, they instantly think of hard work. However, by using a jackhammer, also called a pneumatic drill, you can bypass this hard work -How to Operate a Jackhammer Safely.

A jackhammer is a valuable tool you can rent from most major rental companies. Most jackhammers operate on electricity, and if you use one, you should make sure the cord is a heavy-duty one to handle the proper amount of power necessary. Smaller cords pose a safety danger because they can get too hot and melt.

Jackhammers can be easily put in the trunk or back seat of your car and are mounted on two-wheel carts. There are five bits that can come with a jackhammer. The five bits are a spade, a flat tip, a point tip, stake driver and scrabbler.

For safety reasons, you should always operate a jackhammer wearing boots, gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection. In most cases, the sound is the worst. A good pair of boots will help you remain balanced and steady with the breaking away of surface.

Always make sure the trigger to the jackhammer is not on when you lift it up. The trigger is on the grips. Lean the jackhammer at an angle, with the top close to your waist area but not resting on it. When applying the jackhammer to your project, keep the point at a slight angle. This is because when going up and down, you might find it hard to remove as it breaks through the concrete or rough surface. It’s much easier to drag out at an angle. Always start working from the outside and work your way inward. To start breaking a new area, always look for a new crack to make the work go easier.

Give the jackhammer a rest from time to time. Once you break out an area and remove the hammer, turn the power off and let it rest. Only run the jackhammer when it is actually performing work. Once an entire area is broken up, use a metal bar to move the rock away. If it doesn’t work, try applying the jackhammer again.

Oftentimes, you might run into construction rods and wires. The wire can be cut with a set of hand cutters, but if you run into rod, you will need a hand grinder to cut through it.

Always allow the jackhammer to do the hard work for you. This might mean you have to repeat an area, but that’s what the jackhammer is meant to do. You should only have to guide and balance the jackhammer. Never try to work too fast. Some areas will take longer because they are harder than other areas. Never break up the surface too fine. The goal is to simply make the rock manageable enough to move. Larger pieces are easier to pick up and move versus dust and smaller rocks.

Always make sure your job is completely finished before returning the jackhammer, and always clean the tool after each use so that it’s ready to use again.