How To Know If Your Lift Equipment Is Safe

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equiment

How To Know If Your Lift Equipment Is Safe

Many individuals rent lift equipment to complete personal, residential or commercial construction projects. Operating construction lift equipment is a hazardous activity and it is not work that the average uncertified individual should undertake. It is imperative that all persons on a job site know the correct procedures for using all rental equipment to decrease the risk of serious injury. With lift equipment rentals, there are three primary steps that a consumer should take before making a decision -How To Know if Your Lift Equipment is Safe.

Firstly, a renter should perform a thorough inspection of the lift to ensure that it is mechanically safe. A renter should test operating and emergency controls, safety devices, personal fall-protection gear, wheels, tires and other vital components of the machine. Additionally, the inspector should check for loose or missing parts, air leaks, hydraulic fluid and fuel. Secondly, an individual should conduct a safety test to ensure that all equipment functions properly. Executing such tests will enable the renter to discover any potential malfunctions prior to operating the lift. Lastly, a renter needs to know that the work site they plan on working at is safe for the lift equipment they intend to rent. For example, prior to renting equipment, an operator should confirm that the work site has a level surface that will not shift due to the pressure of the machine.

Operating construction lifting machines can be very dangerous. To maximize safety, renters are advised to thoroughly inspect all equipment they are considering renting before initiating a job.