Excavators San Diego Construction Rentals

By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Excavators San Diego Construction Rentals

Construction equipment rentals are one of the best ways for small contractors and independents to get the type of equipment they need, when they need it, without the added cost of ownership. Companies that offer rental construction equipment (Excavators San Diego Construction Rentals) are supplying a vital service for the construction industry.

The most versatile piece of rental construction equipment is the excavator. While most are familiar with the large, heavy equipment version there are also smaller and more compact versions for home construction projects. The number of attachments for excavators makes them the perfect multi-use tool for construction.

Most excavators are used for digging and trenching, making use of a bucket attachment on the boom. Different buckets are tailored to the specific job performed, such as the general purpose bucket with teeth on the edge to help with breaking up materials or the mud bucket with a straight edge for leveling. Buckets are useful for demolishing structures, grading roads or other surfaces, material handling, mining, and dredging.

Other useful attachments include the breaker (hammer, hoe ram), pile driver, grapple, and auger. The breaker attachment works like a jackhammer and is preferred for demolition when blasting is unsafe. The pile driver can be attached to make driving piles faster and easier. The auger is used for drills holes at the site. The grapple is a bucket with an separate section that closes over the bucket to “grip” and keep materials in the bucket.

Compact excavators are perfect for home and landscape construction where space is limited and the job is small. They use the same type of attachments as their larger cousins, but they have a smaller impact on the construction site which might be a single home or subdivision. Their smaller size makes them better able to navigate in tight places.

Whatever the construction need, chances are there is an excavator that is ready to fit the job. With a wide array of attachments, the excavator is the most useful tool for construction today. And there are plenty of construction equipment rentals out there to help complete the job with the exact type of machinery needed.