Equipment You’ll Need To Rent For Trimming Large Trees

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Equipment You’ll Need To Rent For Trimming Large Trees

Equipment You’ll Need to Rent for Trimming Large Trees

For the average homeowner, trimming large trees can be a daunting chore because they don’t own the right equipment. Whereas a hand saw and some strong pruners will help with most small trees, bigger trees require bigger equipment. For this reason, many people opt to call in a professional tree-trimming company. Unfortunately this can be prohibitively expensive, and not everyone wants to purchase in the proper tools, either. If you have large trees that need trimmed, you would be better off simply renting the necessary equipment. Here are some of the things you may need.

Adjustable Ladders

Getting high enough into the tree to do work is often impossible without assistance. An adjustable ladder can be a blessing in these situations. These ladders can extended to the desired length to help you reach the tree’s limbs safely and easily. Please make sure to follow all relevant safety precautions when using a ladder, however, and don’t climb it unless there is another person present to stabilize it – Equipment You’ll Need to Rent for Trimming Large Trees.

Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Large trees tend to have thick limbs, and most of the time, electric chain saws fail to do the job quickly and efficiently. For a task like this, a gas-powered chain saw is strongly recommended. These possess the power needed to cut through thick, resilient sections of wood with ease, reducing the danger to yourself and minimizing damage to the tree.

Wood Chipper

Now that your trees are properly manicured, what are you planning to do about that log pile sitting in your yard? While you could pay to have it hauled away, there are much better uses for it. By renting a wood chipper, you can take those leftovers and turn them into valuable mulch for your garden beds. It will help nourish plants, retain soil moisture and protect plants from inclement temperatures. These machines are available in a range of sizes, so choose one that best fits the size of the wood you want to mulch.

Log Splitter

Mulch isn’t the only thing you can make from the wood left over from tree-trimming. You can also turn it into a large supply of high-quality firewood by using a log splitter. While this can be done by hand with an axe, a log splitter makes the process much faster and easier.

Stump Grinder

If you needed to completely remove a tree because it died or became diseased, don’t forget about the stump that was left behind. Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly. They can also present a tripping hazard, plus the tree could start re-growing from the stump. It’s important that you use a stump grinder to get rid of any leftover stumps when you’re finished cutting down trees.