Equipment Required To Rip Up And Replace Your Driveway

By El Camino Rental Posted August 12, 2015 In Construction Equiment

Equipment Required To Rip Up And Replace Your Driveway

Equipment Required to Rip up and Replace Your Driveway

If your driveway has seen better days, it could be time to replace it completely. Cracks and gouges across the surface make the entire property look aged and neglected, especially if you are trying to sell your home. Ripping up and replacing the driveway requires key heavy equipment choices, along with specialized hand tools, to create a professional concrete pour appearance -Equipment Required to Rip up and Replace Your Driveway.

Skid Loader And Attachments

To effectively break up the concrete driveway, you need to rent a skid loader with two attachments. Skid loaders are essentially small bulldozers, allowing you to maneuver on and around the driveway without placing too much weight on the ground. Initially, the skid should have a jackhammer attachment. This tool impacts the concrete to shatter it into smaller, removable pieces. Vibrations from the jackhammer are effectively absorbed through the skid’s chassis, making the demolition project portion less stressful on the body.

Your skid also needs a bucket attachment. Once you are finished with the hammering process, hand removal of the concrete is fatiguing work. The bucket allows you to scoop the concrete pieces up and place them in a dump truck or other disposal container. Careful scooping takes experience and practice. You may want to hire an experienced loader for this operation.

Handheld Jackhammer

Parts of your driveway may be difficult to reach with the skid, such as a corner section around a bush. For these small areas, rent a handheld jackhammer. You won’t be using it for long so the vibration action will not fatigue your body too much. Scoop the concrete fragments up with a shovel, place them in a wheelbarrow and discard them appropriately.

Vibratory Plate Compactor

Once you’ve cleared all of the concrete debris, you are left with bare soil. You must have a level surface to pour the new concrete. Any low-lying or hilly areas will show through the concrete pour, making the installation appear uneven. Using a shovel or rake, you must roughly level the soil by filling in dips and scraping away hills.

Rent a vibratory plate compactor to professionally compact your roughly leveled soil. Compactors use vibrations and weight to create a strong sub-base for your concrete pour. Run the compactor across the driveway several times to achieve a cohesive surface.

Concrete Truck And Finishing

Because your driveway is directly adjacent to the street, a hired concrete truck can easily park by your project and funnel the wet concrete onto the prepared area. Moving concrete manually with a wheelbarrow runs the risk of curing before the area is even ready for finishing.

Allow the hired concrete truck to pour the concrete completely into the driveway area. Complete the installation with cement finishers scraped across the surface to create a swirled, but flat, surface. Your new driveway hardens over the next few days, giving your home a facelift and upgrade that lasts for years.