D&R Equipment Rental proudly serves homeowners and contractors since 1984. D & R Equipment Rental include earthmoving, forklift, dewatering, trenching, lighting equipment, scaffolding, electric tools, dump trucks, air compressors, jackhammers, sandblasters, and much more.

D & R Equipment Rental

D & R Equipment Rental
Address: 5300 W Mission Blvd Ontario, CA 91762
Phone: 909-591-0098
Ratings: 4.3
Reviews: 27

Facebook: D & R Equipment Rental
Service Areas: Upland, CA

D and R Equipment Rental Reviews

“Great staffing and great communication with D and R. Their heavy equipment deliver team is amazing too. They delivered the forklift on time, and worked with us whenever I need it for return. Great rate and pricing, it’s the best place to rent heavy Equipment”

“Nice friendly staff and the prices are way better than home depot.”