Construction Equipment Rentals – Zero-Tail Swing Excavators

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Construction Equipment Rentals – Zero-Tail Swing Excavators

Construction Equipment Rentals – Zero-Tail Swing Excavators

Rental construction equipment refers to a variety of tools and machinery designed for any number of work scenarios. Prominent among these are excavators. The compact models are especially popular as construction equipment rentals because their rates are cheaper and they offer several advantages over larger excavators.


In 1839, William Smith Otis invented the steam shovel for deep digging. Hydraulic design and the electric motor emerged less than a century later to meet the growing demand in construction and agriculture. Excavation would develop into an industry of its own by the early decades of the following century.

One issue did cause problems: the “swing” of the house limited the use of the excavator and made some work impossible to conduct. The Zero-Tail swing came about in 1993 to meet the challenge. The redesign was so successful it currently serves as a standard and is a reason why rental construction equipment deals primarily in compact excavators.


Excavators bearing the Zero-Tail Swing design typically feature three main parts: house, undercarriage and workgroup. The house, a small canopy-covered enclosure where the operator sits, also includes an engine compartment and hydraulic fuel and oil pumps. The undercarriage contains rubber or steel tracks in addition to a sprocket, roller and idlers. The counterweight redesign makes the engine more compact, so it no longer extends beyond the track width. The house rotates 360 degrees obstacle-free.

The work-group appends to the house and is essentially the crane with the boom, dipper and any attachment required. The swing frame allows the entire work-group to move left or right freely.

The Zero-Tail Swing facilitates maneuverability into closed in spaces and along other formations such as fences, foundations and walls with no effort or obstruction. In this way, the excavator can carry out the tasks it would otherwise be incapable of doing. The operator’s view is now unimpeded, improving performance even more.

Purpose And Uses

Zero-Tail Swing excavators can dig trenches, crack ice and transport materials, but they can do so in tight spaces where full-sized excavators cannot. Likewise, the backfill blades enhance dump height and level and grade surfaces contingent on the vehicles position.

In Conclusion…

Compact excavators have become so important since the inception of the Zero-Tail Swing. Human need finds this innovation to be essential in technological and societal development. Construction equipment rentals reflect this view as well.