Construction Equipment Rentals: Skidsteer

By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Rentals: Skidsteer

Construction Equipment Rentals: Skidsteer

Like many other innovative pieces of equipment in the United States, the first working model was produced in a small workshop in 1947. Named the M60 Self-Propelled Loader, it was preceded by six prototypes. The M60 Improved, the second production model, replaced a Wisconsin engine with a two cylinder ONAN engine. The Bobcat name was added to match the “tough, quick and agile” traits of the animal.


The current Skid-steer provides maximum power with a superior hydraulic system. The configuration allows the system to provide power to the wheels as well as to the lift and tilt functions. An auxiliary circuit works the tools and cools the engine. The machine works harder and longer with an efficient hydraulic oil cooler that is especially important in high temperatures.
The machine turns itself by using wheels in opposing functions so that powering one side and braking the other makes it maneuverable in small spaces. It uses foot pedals or levers instead of a steering wheel for maximum efficiency.


A Skid-steers can move loads of dirt or other heavy material, and it can dig as well as strip land and grade it. Smaller than other rental construction equipment that does similar work, it performs demanding landscape tasks like these:

• grade dirt around a new home
• pound posts into the ground
• remove snow
• clear sidewalks

Ease of maneuverability makes the Skid-steer perfect for use by landscaping companies. It is comparatively light weight and can ride on a trailer pulled by a pickup truck. Access to neighborhood streets is possible with transportation that does not require the use of a semi-truck and trailer. A tilt trailer is often available at companies that specialize in construction equipment rentals.

Best Use
Moving material at slow speeds for short distances is the best use of Skid-steer rental construction equipment. It is not intended to take the place of an excavator that can put a large load on a dump truck to move it more than a few hundred feet.

The convenience and affordability of rental construction equipment provide advantages to landscape companies of all sizes. A new Skid-steer can cost upward of $30,000, and upkeep is an additional expense that recurs with frequency. Using construction equipment rentals allows a business owner to have access to the latest machinery without tying up cash flow and to focus on making profits.