By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment


Construction equipment rentals lift options can give a contractor a way to expand services and increase profits. Lift equipment rental of different kinds is available at reasonable prices, and the equipment is maintained in good condition. Owners of rental equipment stores are often experts in evaluating the best fit of machine to job. A contractor can get good advice by providing the purpose and description of the intended task to the store owner. Some types of equipment that can raise or lower a person or heavy loads include these:


Workers can reach heights on a scissor lift that includes a work station to provide room to work and to hold equipment, but it has height limitations. Scissor lifts are among the most versatile types of lift equipment rental.

Boom Lift

When a scissor lift cannot reach high enough, a boom lift is the right equipment. Several options are available, including an electric boom that runs on batteries. It can fit in the aisles of warehouses to reach products on high shelves. A tow-able boom can do the same job with a gasoline engine or batteries, but it needs a vehicle to pull it. An articulating boom can rotate 360 degrees.

Aerial Lift

Good for trimming limbs on tall trees or painting a two or three-story house, an aerial lift can carry 500-1000 pounds. Much safer than ladders and less cumbersome that scaffolding, aerial lifts are convenient aids on a job site.


Once used for picking fruit, a manlift now is a handy way to do construction finishing work at heights from 20 to 100 feet. They usually run on electricity, making them appropriate for use in office atriums and other indoor spaces.

Personal Lift

With an enclosed platform that reaches a height of less than 15 feet, a personal lift offers a stable working area. Workers can move around inside the basket, and hands are free.

Material Lift

Not designed to carry people, a material lift is helpful in moving heavy materials from one floor of a building to others that are higher or lower.

The best way to ensure that construction equipment rentals are available for rent is to schedule them ahead of time. Checking on their status prior to pick up can save time and add to a smooth check out at the store.