Cherry Picker Construction Equipment

By El Camino Rental Posted August 11, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Cherry Picker Construction Equipment

Climbing a ladder to harvest fruit from upper tree branches is labor intensive, time consuming and dangerous. Jay Eitel invented the cherry pickerto ease the work. He was born in 1916 and died in 2012. Cherry Picker Construction Equipment.

The equipment is a mechanical platform with a bucket or platform attached. It can be raised to specific heights so that someone can reach areas that are unobtainable by other methods. The devise has several names. It is called a basket crane, boom lift, articulating boom, man-lift and hydra ladder.

The equipment was mounted on the back of a truck. One person stayed down at ground level to operate it and move the person in the basket close enough to the fruit to pick it. The telescopic bucket lift mounted on a truck was designed in 1944. Over time, the equipment was designed so that it could be operated and used by a single person.

Firefighters began using the equipment in 1958. It allowed firemen to use a water hose at greater heights.

The source of power is either batteries or a diesel engine. The equipment uses a hydraulic system. Articulated booms reach between 20 to 300-feet high. They move vertically, horizontally and rotate. They allow access to small spaces, maneuver up and around obstacles and provide access from angles that would be impossible to manage without the equipment.

Booms are flexible. They mount on large vehicles, moving platforms and stand-alone trailers. They have 4-wheel drive capability.

Cherry pickers now have small doors, enclosed baskets and guard rails to help keep someone safe as the person stands inside and works from the bucket. Interiors are insulated, and safety harnesses are a common feature.

The equipment is practical and used in many indoor and outdoor situations. They are used in mining, when trimming and felling trees, cleaning windows, painting and gutter maintenance. They are useful during roof repairs, building surveys and conducting pest control. The equipment is available from construction equipment rentals.

They are used by telephone and electric companies. The companies run new lines and repair lines that are down. Utilities use them for emergency service through any type of weather. Cable television companies manage wiring on poles that service their customers. The equipment is used to attach holiday decorations, banners and are used in the film industry.

Cherry pickers are available from construction equipment rentals now and are on architectural, construction and maintenance sites throughout the world.