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By El Camino Rental Posted August 7, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Bucket Truck Rental San Diego

Bucket Truck Rental San Diego

The Role Of Specialty Equipment

One of the primary objectives of any business is the improvement of productivity. That essentially means getting more work done in less time. A primary way this goal is accomplished is through the use of specialized construction equipment. Manufacturers continue to introduce every more efficient and powerful machines, tools and vehicles. This specialty equipment allows the work force to get their jobs done faster and more safely. Some companies exist to make expensive heavy equipment affordable for short-term uses through construction equipment rentals.

Getting A Lift

One of the most versatile and useful of the specialty enhancements to trucks was the introduction of the bucket truck. The name does a good job of describing what it is. A hydraulic lift or boom is attached to the chassis of the truck. At the end is a man-sized enclosed platform called the bucket or basket. These trucks are also called cherry pickers by many workers. Their capabilities of Bucket Truck Rental San Diego are normally described by the height and reach of the installed boom.

Life Made Easier With A Bucket Truck

There are many jobs that these trucks make much easier. They revolutionized the job of utility workers and linesmen. Everyone has seen one of these trucks parked along the roadside with a technician working on a phone or utility line. Basically, these trucks allow safe access to heights that would otherwise require ladders, scaffolding or other forms of access. They are used today for tree trimming, sign installation and maintenance, changing light bulbs, painting, and many other similar reach-high applications. When a high dollar-per-hour tradesman is on the job, Bucket Truck Rental San Diego if is easy to justify the cost of these trucks by the increased productivity.

An important aspect of lift trucks is not just that they get the job done; they help get it done safely. Workplace accidents drop significantly with the use of hydraulic lift trucks on those jobs where height is an issue.

The Wise Alternative – Renting A Truck With A Bucket

There are some businesses that require lift trucks full time in the work they do. For others, there is only an occasional need for the advantages of a bucket truck. In these situations, a company that offers equipment rentals is a cost-effective solution. The cost of short-term equipment rentals is quite reasonable when compared to purchasing such a specialty vehicle. Another major advantage of renting is avoiding the costs of maintenance. While the trucks are reliable, they use a complex hydraulics mechanism that requires regular upkeep and inspections.

Whether you call it a bucket, basket or cherry picker, these are vehicles that pay their way on the job.