Bucket Truck Rental: Low-Cost Equipment Accessibility

By El Camino Rental Posted August 6, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Bucket Truck RentalEl Camino Rental

Bucket truck equipment rentals and purchases are both available, although the former is preferable. Bucket Truck Rental from business and personal standpoints, that is the best way to go.

Why Is Renting A Bucket Truck Equipment Preferred?

In order to answer that question, readers first need to know what it is they would be renting and why. Spending money wisely depends on it.

What Is A Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck, also known as a “cherry picker” and “man lift,” is a utility truck or other vehicle specially designed with a crane mounted on the back bed. This crane contains a basket or other closed-in platform that allows trained professionals to work in high, hard-to-reach places, such as tall trees or buildings.

Who Can Operate A Bucket Truck?

Individuals trained to operate bucket trucks are typically telephone repair people, utility workers, cable installers, electrical technicians, construction workers, maintenance, fire fighters and sometimes law enforcement – anyone who has the appropriate background, certification and need to handle the equipment.

What Is The Training Needed?

OSHA mandates require anyone intending to operate bucket trucks and related equipment to complete a state accredited one-day course and to acquire a certification card. Those who are interested should look into state programs for enrollment opportunities.

What Does A Bucket Truck Do?

As mentioned above, a bucket truck functions as a ‘telescopic’ extension for those out-of-reach, hard-to-complete tasks that are otherwise dangerous and/or difficult to do.

Examples Of Bucket Truck Use

These days, a bucket truck has many uses. Some common examples include telephone and power line installation and repair, firefighting and rescue, stage light suspension and filming on outdoor movie sets, statue-cleaning, banner placement, Christmas decorating, tree-cutting and building maintenance, such as window-washing and external painting.

Advantages To Renting Versus Buying

So, why are bucket truck equipment rentals more beneficial over buying?
Considering the widespread use of such equipment, the answer is not that difficult. Unlike buyers who pay an entire sum up front or crippling monthly installments, renters make manageable payments each period. In addition, insurance is inconsequential; the renter’s auto insurance policy covers the rental at a lower rate than that applied to owners. In the end, renters have indefinite access to said equipment but at minimal cost and with more financial flexibility.