Aerial Lift Rental San Diego, Construction Efficiencies With Aerial Lifts

By El Camino Rental Posted August 7, 2015 In Construction Equipment

Aerial Lift Rental San Diego

Aerial Lift Rental San Diego

A New Way To Reach High

The many changes in the technology of materials and construction techniques require new specialized equipment. One of the most versatile of the new pieces of equipment is the aerial lift. This highly efficient machine has made both new and long-used construction techniques faster, safer and less expensive.

Since the early 1900s, buildings have continued to get taller. Architects use new materials and techniques to create more open space and exotic atriums. This construction creates an issue during construction, and for post-construction maintenance. Simply replacing light bulbs in some buildings is now a major maintenance headache and expense.

Beyond Scaffolding

For many years, scaffolding has been the primary way to reach difficult heights. Scaffolding is both expensive and time-consuming to install and remove. Interior maintenance or construction in an occupied space presents special problems. Use of scaffolding introduces safety and convenience issues.

Aerial lifts resolve this problem with remarkable efficiency. These lifts are hydraulic marvels that can reach as high as 140 feet into the air. Some specialty lifts have even greater reach and height capabilities. Does the job call for replacing fire sprinklers in the roof of a busy shopping mall? The aerial lift makes that possible in a small percentage of time any other technique would require. It does the job more safely and with less expense.

An aerial lift is just as effective on exterior jobs. Installing siding, exterior signage, and lighting is faster and less expensive with an aerial lift. Many tree trimmers and painters use aerial lifts to complete jobs in hours or days that would take weeks without the aerial lift. Aerial Lift Rental San Diego.

Aerial lifts are highly specialized machines. They have many safety features built-in. Operators are trained for safe and efficient use of the lifts and there are many OSHA requirements for their maintenance and operation.

Owning Or Renting An Aerial Lift?

Because the cost of an aerial lift can easily run into six figures, they are too expensive to purchase for single use projects or even occasional use. They also require regular maintenance and annual inspections. This adds to the cost of ownership. Many construction projects find aerial lift construction equipment rentals the most cost-efficient option. They often rent the lifts with a trained operator. Aerial Lift Rental San Diego.

One big advantage is avoiding downtime. Construction tradesmen have very high hourly rates. A trained operator knows how to keep them working, even in difficult situations. Operators will quickly replace a rented aerial lift, much preferable to losing valuable construction time waiting for repairs on owned equipment.

Many people have found aerial lift construction equipment rentals a very cost-effective solution to some challenging height problems.